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The TPMI Charity Foundation participates in responding to disasters at almost all disaster points through various actions, ranging from evacuation, distribution of food aid, health services, psychosocial services to various post-disaster recovery programs.


The Covid-19 Pandemic Humanitarian Aid Distributed to All Mankind

The entire distribution of assistance to people affected by Covid-19, both socially, health and economically, can be provided to those who really need it, throughout the country, especially in Indonesia.
We are very grateful and accept International Assistance for disaster relief

Seven Basic Programs of Indonesian Jariyah Charity


Quality Education

Based on faith and piety. 

We distribute your assistance throughout the education sector which is based on sharia and disseminate useful knowledge, both through formal education (such as schools, universities, course institutions and institutions) and informal education such as scientific talks, public lecture houses of worship, motivation courses, da'wah programs and tarbiah and so on.  

Fostering Orphans

Build a generation of pious children.

Educate your children to become pious children, because pious children will always do good in the world and always pray for their parents. According to the information of this hadith, the good that is done by the child is rewarded to the parents who educate him who has died without reducing the value or reward received by the children. Prayers of pious children to their parents are effective in God's side.Best regards,

Good Moral Development

Passing down the truth in the Scriptures  

Supporting the moral development program by inheriting holy books according to their respective beliefs, books of interpretation, mushaf (religious books) to people who can use them for the good of themselves and their communities. For religious schools and tahfiz maahad and for public libraries. While these books are used as reading material and reference, people who donate will get a reward that continues to flow.

Construction of Worship Facilities

Build and maintain God's house

Building religious facilities. This case is in line with the words of the Prophet, which means, "Whoever builds a means of worship for Allah, even though it is the smallest, Allah will build for him a house in heaven" (Hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim). The person who builds the mosque will receive a reward like the reward of a person who does religious deeds in the mosque. This includes donating land for guidance.

Building Settlements

Houses built for lodging people who are on their way

Building a traveler's house or cottage for people who travel for good is a practice that is highly recommended. Everyone who uses it, either for a short rest or for the night and for other purposes that are not immoral, will reward those who provide it. This includes building resort huts on the sides of roads that are not managed by the government.

Building Green & Irrigation

The river that he flows for the benefit of the crowd

To drain water properly and cleanly to places where people need it or dig a well in a place that is often passed or inhabited by people. After the person who drained the water has died and the water continues to flow and is protected from contamination and is used by the living, he will receive a reward that continues to flow. The more people who use it, the more they will receive rewards in the hereafter. The Apostle said, "Whoever makes a lake / lake and drinks the water by a jinn or thirsty bird, Allah will reward him later on the Day of Judgment." (Hadith History of Ibn Khuzaimah and Ibn Majah).

Setting aside assets that are donated  

Channeling sustenance to those who need it & official foundations.

Giving donation part of the property. Alms that are given sincerely will bring multiple rewards. Apart from the assets given as alms, this includes donating land for the development of Islamic education, homes for orphans, burial grounds and homes for the elderly. While the land is used for good, the rewards will continue to flow to the donor of the waqf land. The Prophet said "In fact, almsgiving can really extinguish the heat of the grave torment for the perpetrator, in fact the believers in the future on the Day of Resurrection will only take shelter under the shade of his alms. (Hadith Narrated Al-Tabrani).

"If you want to issue Sadaqah, or do a good deed, or do good deeds, then immediately do it from then on, before Satan hinders you from doing it."
Sufyan ats-Tsaury rahimahullah


  • Worship solutions for those who want to do charity or become a charity field.
  • Welfare of society, especially for those who cannot afford it.
  • Improve the economy & quality education.
  • Distributing charitable aid to all places that are entitled in the eyes of Allah fairly
  • & proportionate and prioritize those who are more in need.

Mission & Vision:

  • Click here to edit text Worship to the pleasure of Allah & may be blessed.
  • Creating civil society through digital technology.
  • Creating social justice, especially for all Indonesian people.
  • Building the independence of the Indonesian nation so that it can become a human being who cares about the poor, orphans & the poor.

"If Adam's son dies, his charity will be cut off except for three cases, almsgiving Jariyah (waqf), useful knowledge, and pious children who pray to him."
(HR Muslim)


For those of you, who want to set aside their sustenance, through this service, God willing, can facilitate the distribution of aid to all other religious charities, by registering as a donor or registering your official institution or foundation.

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May God reward you with much kindness and may God reward you with the best