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The Venue

The Venue



Graha Pariwisata Cikarang, 

Kabupaten Bekasi, West Java - Indonesia

Strategically located at the business district, the venue in is very strategically located in Wibawa Mukti Stadium - Cikarang Bekasi. has value added to support business activities and conventions of various industrial events, government and private institutions whose existence has strong access to the location of Graha Pariwisata Cikarang.

Located at the heart of the Green Zone of an Industrial City, Graha Pariwisata Cikarang offers a One Stop Business and Tourism destinations that gives you the ultimate privileges while you were at Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java - Indonesia

The building has a unique architectural design with an area of ±765.000 m2. In this building there is supporting facilities that provide convenience of visitors, like ATM, offices, restaurant and cafe. The Graha Pariwisata Cikarang hosting the city’s largest convention centeris located only 1 hour 30 minutes from the Jakarta international airport. Regular bus and train services conveniently link Graha Pariwisata Cikarang  areas and markets.  View Map